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HSC Clinic App


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Experience and Challenge behind the Creation of the app

After attending being in HSC clinic my experience of accessing their service is as follows:

- In order to access their service by making an appointment via phone to book an appointment where I was given a date and time for the appointment.

- On the day of the appointment, I arrived 15mins prior to the checked-In with a healthcare staff and was asked to wait in the waiting room to be called by Patient ID I was given.

- Waited over an hour after my appointment time before being seen by a healthcare staff I began to think what was the point of being given an appointment time. It seemed like first come first served type of service model. While being in the waiting room I counted the other patients to determine where I was in the queue but patients are asking to return to the waiting room to process to the next stage of their treatment assessment, therefore, I wouldn't know my position in the queue.

Project Goals

Create an app that allows users to Check-In for their appointment and give them a real-time status on when they'll be seen by a healthcare staff and also allow patients to book a returning appointment.

User Flow